Samsung Boracay Non Inverter Airconditioner

9000, 12 000, 18 000 & 24 000 Btu/hr •Sleek new silhouette •Anti-bacterial filter •Heating/cooling •Smart Saver •Good sleep mode


Turbo Cooling

Samsung new air conditioner operates in its maximum speed in Turbo Cooling mode to quickly reach the set temperature. Instantly cool down your space with Samsung's Turbo Cooling technology

Anti corrosion fin

When corrosion starts, it shortens the life of the heat exchanger by reducing durability and allowing bacteria to grow. Samsung heat exchanger fin is designed to resist corrosion so you have cool, comfortable air for a ling time.

samsung maldives inverter airconditioner

9 000, 12 000, 18 000 and 24 000 Btu. This airconditioner has a full HD filter and Anti-bacteria Coating for healthy climate control •Attractive matt-white finish harmonises with any decor •Advanced Inverter technology saves up to 40% on electricity •Heating and cooling •Smart Saver •Full HD filter with anti-bacterial coating •Good Sleep mode



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